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Art and Culture

The region containing the city of Schweinfurt and its surrounding areas offers a wide range of culture and many sightseeing opportunities as well as artistic treasures. Magnificent palaces, old castles and the unique traditional Franconian "Gaden" - little houses which were built along the inner wall of the church grounds to ensure that the crops were protected - beckon you to travel back in time.

With his artistic buildings, no one shaped the landscape around the Main like Balthasar Neumann. His Werneck Palace is an impressive Baroque masterpiece. In summer, it is the picturesque backdrop to palace concerts. 

The legacy of the world-famous Schweinfurt poet Friedrich Rückert was a masterpiece of language. Many places around the city of his birth recall his work. He expressed his feelings and insights in 44 languages and left a body of work consisting of around 20,000 poems to posterity.

Endless entertainment is ensured in the city and countryside alike by a highly acclaimed cabaret scene and cultural highlights. The Sömmersdorf Passion Plays, which have a long tradition, are performed in the unique setting of the open air theater in the middle of the forest. Here, an entirely new interpretation of the story of the Passion and the love story of Jesus Christ awaits the guests.

The highly regarded theatre of Schweinfurt, the cultural space of Grafenrheinfeld and Zeilitzheim Palace offer a breath of fresh air.

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