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Castles and Palaces

Castles and Palaces in Schweinfurt

The residences of public officials and nobility have placed an unmistakable stamp on the city of Schweinfurt and its surrounding area. Many of the castles and palaces are open to the public and may be explored on a tour. Some are in private ownership and you may only admire them from outside. If they wish, people can sleep, eat, spend the day, attend events or marry in these grand buildings - or even live there.

Balthasar Neumann's Werneck Palace is an impressive masterpiece, which local people like to describe as a "little sister" to the Residenz Würzburg. They are unmistakably similar. The palace garden and chapel are open for visiting. Parts of the main building may be visited on a guided tour.

The baroque country house in Zeilitzheim has been lovingly restored and offers a personal service in the region, which has seen it become an eminent center for art, culture and cuisine. Alongside their hotel and conference business, the lord of the manor and his family capture public attention with an extraordinary events program. The palace also has its own vineyard, where you can taste the latest vintages in the historic rooms.

Here you will find even more palaces in the city of Schweinfurt and its surrounding area. Please note that all additional information is in German. Our Schweinfurt 360° tourist information team is happy to answer any questions you may have.

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