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Museum Georg Schäfer

Art history museums, modern galleries and contemporary exhibitions in the city and the surrounding areas all show the vast array of treasured collections in the area.


In the Georg Schäfer Museum, you will find the most important private collection of 19th-century German painting. There, rubbing shoulders with Menzel, Liebermann and Corinth, is the world's largest collection of Carl Spitzweg paintings. With its Art Gallery, a former swimming baths, Schweinfurt closes the circle of works from antiquity to classical Modernism to contemporary art.


The Museum Altes Gymnasium is a must-see for those who wish to experience the regional and industrial history of Schweinfurt. Illustrated prints from the 15th and 16th centuries and first editions of German literature from the Reformation until the Realism period can be seen in the Otto Schäfer Museum.


The Wipfeld Literaturhaus, with its Literature Museum, reading lounge and literary forum, offers a wide range of opportunities for reading, discussion and learning.


Modern literature can be examined in the Erich Kästner Library in Oberschwarzach. This living gem presents the author's entire literary legacy, which comprises of around 10,000 books.


A discovery tour around Sulzheim and its Gypsum Information Center offers exciting glimpses into the world of gypsum.


In the Johanniskapelle Gerolzhofen Museum, you can find the "Gothic art and spirit" with valuable and rare exhibition pieces on the development of Gothic art in Franconia.


The Linear Pottery Museum in Schwanfeld offers a hands-on archaeological experience. The themed rooms include, among others, woodcraft, farming, housebuilding, pottery and clay figures. In the many interactive stations, visitors of all ages can experience the Stone Age of 7,500 years ago up close.


Here you can find more museums for the traditions of the city of Schweinfurt and its surrounding area. Please note that all additional information is in German. Our Schweinfurt 360° tourist information team is happy to answer any questions you may have.

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