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Savoring the Wine

Savoring the Wine

In the Schweinfurt region, excellent wines flourish on around 550 hectares, shaped by fertile soils and the mild climate. White wines, such as Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau or Bacchus, dominate here, with approximately 80 per cent of wines. But Franconian red wines also play a significant role and add to the Franconian range wines such as Domina or Pinot Noir. Cuvée is a word used to describe wines which are made from different locations or types of grape. For instance, "Rotling" is a mixture of white and red wine. The special bulbous "Bocksbeutel" bottle shape is the emblem of Franconian winegrowers and is a sign of quality.


Since the people love their wine so much, they also love to celebrate it: at wine events in romantic wine-growing villages, in cozy wineries, in quaint wine bars or directly from the source, at the vineyard itself.


The "Franconian Wine Experience Tour Guides" are excellent companions in the wine country. They will take you on the trail of Franconian wine in a charming and knowledgeable manner. An active form of enjoyment can be found on walks and cycling tours along the vineyards.


The winegrowers invite you to join them for an exciting look behind the scenes as they carry out their day-to-day work at the vineyard. An eventful day draws to a close with a fine set meal of regional specialties with the right wine to accompany it.


Here you will find the addresses of winegrowers in Schweinfurt and its surrounding area. Please note that all additional information is in German. Our Schweinfurt 360° tourist information team is happy to answer any questions you may have.

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