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Hiking in Schweinfurt

The hiking Renaissance does not only signify awareness of sustainable values but also a communion with the self. This becomes perfectly clear in the tranquil Schweinfurt region. Idyllic hiking paths pass through villages and communities and often intersect with long-distance walking paths such as the Way of St. James and the Rome Pilgrim Route.

And that's not all: trained tour guides offer guided hikes and educational nature trails share a great deal of interesting information worth knowing around the region.

One third of all country houses in Lower Franconia can be found in the Haßberge nature park. Like beads on a pearl necklace, these are dotted along the Castle and Palace Walking Path. Certified routes such as the Steigerwald Panorama Route and themed circular paths such as the Friedrich Rückert Walking Tour constantly offer new insights and overviews into varied landscapes.

Whether you take a stroll through Schweinfurt City Park or discover the popular Schweinfurt Wildlife Park - there is also plenty of green space in the city itself to discover and enjoy on foot.

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